Brookhaven College Administration

President Thom D. Chesney, Ph.D. 972-860-4809
Vice President for Academic Affairs Donald Smith, M.S. 972-860-4808
Vice President for Business Services George T. Herring, M.B.A. 972-860-4634
Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment Management Oscar M. Lopez, M.A. 972-860-4832

   Phone extensions, Ext., replace the X’s in 972-860-XXXX.

Name & e-mail Title Ext.
Anderson, Thomas Assistant to the Vice President for Instruction 4154
Borski, Brian Director 4116
Chesney, Thom President 4809
Clarke, Winifred Director, Testing II 4869
Corbin, Dana Librarian IV 4315
Dalton, Brenda Executive Dean, Student and Enrollment Services 4677
Deason, Michael Director, Information Technology 4670
Dennehy, Michael Associate Vice President of Planning and Research 4607
Edrich, Terri Executive Director, Human Resources 4825
Ferguson, Sarah Executive Dean, Educational Resources 4854
Flint, Juanita Zapata Executive Dean 4694
Govea, Sam Executive Dean 4216
Hawkins, Vernon Associate Vice President, Workforce and Continuing Education 4221
Herring, George T. Vice President, Business Services 4634
Lopez, Oscar M. Vice President, Student Services/Enrollment Management 4837
Lynch, Marilyn Kolesar Associate Vice President, Development 4181
Martin, Deanie College Director, Business Operations 4817
Maxwell, Rick Executive Dean 4731
McCarthy, Dominica Director of Career Services 4689
Meyer, Mark Dean, Health Occupations/Nursing 4546
Neu Menassa, Beverly Assistant Dean, Student Support Services 4339
Schweitzer, Carrie Director 4848
Sisk, Grant Associate Instructional Dean, World Languages 4788
Smith, Donald Vice President of Academic Affairs 4808
Truong, Ngoc Instructional Designer, Development 4182
Vaglienti, Kendra Executive Dean 4332
Vo, Thoa Hoang Director, Admissions/Registrar 4604
Wetzel, Kathryn Executive Dean, Math and Science Division 4751

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