Employee "Quick Call" Roster

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The following contact list includes full-time employees at Brookhaven College. If you don’t find the information you are looking for,  please call our main number at 972-860-4700.  To send an e-mail to someone on the list, simply click on their last name. This list is updated monthly.

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Name Ext. Title
Abedin, Haven 4231 Faculty, English
Alcala, Antonio 4322 Corporal
Allen, Jennifer 4124 Faculty, History
Allen, Jonathan 4127 College Athletics Program Assistant
Allen, Ta'Nisha 4716 Admissions Specialist
Allen Jr., Roy 4229 Faculty, Music
Alvarez, Delia 4554 Administrative Assistant to the Instructional Dean II
Alvarez, Georgia 4377 Administrative Assistant to Instructional Dean
Alvira-Nieves, Alma 4340 International Student Specialist II
Anderson, Thomas 4154 Assistant to the Vice President for Instruction
Ansiaux, Roberta 4376 Faculty, Accounting
Armenta, Victor 4736 Faculty, Humanities
Arredondo, Natalia Y. 4835 Senior Academic Advisor
Arsov, Nasko 4365 Soccer Coach
Avera, Mary Lou 4179 Faculty, Management Program
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Name Ext. Title
Bailey, Andrea 4739 Coordinator, Instructional Learning Lab
Bailey, Michael 4750 Faculty, Mathematics
Baker, Brandy 4910 Skills Lab Coordinator
Bambrough, Claire 4214 Interim Dean of Science and Mathematics; Associate Dean, Stem Initiatives
Barlow, Nancy 4781 Faculty, English
Bartz, Gerald 4796 Coordinator, Science Learning Lab-GIS
Baxter, Shane 4187 Faculty, Automotive Technology
Beale, Hazel 4707 Associate Registrar
Beavers, Jessica 4313 Librarian I
Benavides, Rebekah 4515 Student Program Development Coordinator
Bennett, Daffne 4699 College Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator
Bennett, Jason M. 4563 Instructional Support Associate
Bentley, Elizabeth 4108 Transcript Evaluator
Bishop, Dawn 4634 Specialist V
Bitner, Rhonda 4907 Faculty, English
Blakely, Alan 4945 Faculty, Chemistry
Blankenship, Eva 4935 Administrative Assistant
Borski, Brian 4116 Director
Bottoni, Madeline 4104 Web Writer/Editor I
Boyer, Angel 4574 Program Director, Career and Continuing Education
Bredfeldt, Daniel 4370 Circulation Assistant I
Broadus, Christine 4709 Senior Coordinator, Health Occupations Admissions
Brock, Shelia 4603 Manager, grants management and compliance
Brown, Jason 4322 Sergeant
Buck, David 4306 PC Support Specialist III
Burks, Patti 4329 Professor, Computer Information Technology
Burton, Hurshel 4711 Faculty, English
Burton, Sharon 4163 Faculty, Business Office Support System, Medical Front Office
Butler, Leroy 4887 Continuing Education & Workforce Specialist
Butler, Thomas 4132 Sergeant
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Name Ext. Title
Cadenhead, Charles 4178 Faculty, Computer Information Technology
Campbell, Richard 7859 Faculty, Emergency Medical Services
Canaris, Terri 4682 Coordinator, Science Learning Lab-Biology
Cantrell, Chris 4119 Coordinator, Continuing Education and Workforce Development
Capetillo, Curt 4725 Room Use Coordinator
Carlos, Hazel 4783 Faculty, English
Carmichael, Cassandra 4290 Police Communications Operator I
Carrion, Veronica 4688 Department Assistant III
Carter, Christi 4285 Faculty, Radiologic Technology
Castro, Johnny 4136 Faculty, Child Development
Cates, Jason 4358 Faculty, Mathmatics
Cavazos, Lorena 4158 Faculty, Nursing
Cazares, Cynthia 4383 Department Assistant III
Chaney, Andrea 4276 Faculty, ESOL and French
Cheng-Kvanli, Elaine 4763 Faculty, Mathematics
Chesney, Thom 4809 President
Chu, Chong 4732 Faculty, Art
Churanadu, Cherian 4795 HVAC Technician I
Clark, Aaron 4778 Faculty, English
Clark, Evonne 4549 Administrative Assistant to Instructional Dean
Clarke, Winifred 4869 Director, Testing II
Clawson, Adam 4669 Sr. Career Planning Specialist
Clem, Cindy 4160 Administrative Assistant to Instructional Dean II
Cofer, Don 214-289-7082 Faculty, Automotive Technology
Coffman, Susie 4189 Administrative Assistant to Instructional Dean II
Collins, DeMoss 7809 Faculty, Emergency Medical Services
Collins, Natasha 4952 Program Services Specialist
Contractor, Yasaman 4117 Assistant Director, Office of Student Life
Contreras, Nelda 4258 Faculty, Developmental Writing
Cook, Bill 4290 Police Communication Operator II
Corbin, Dana 4315 Librarian IV
Cornelius, Ray-Mel 4959 Faculty, Visual Communications
Cortez, Ann 4918 Administrative Assistant to the Instructional Dean
Cox, Cherilyn 4128 Faculty, Physical Education, Athletics and Nutrition
Crenshaw, Donna 4749 Instructional Specialist III
Cuellar-McGuire, Adrien 4738 Faculty, Humanities
Cuffee, Shonna 4946 Faculty, Radiologic Sciences
Cunningham, Marilyn 4895 Career Planning Assistant
Cyriaque, Christopher 4203 Faculty, ESOL
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Name Ext. Title
Dalrymple, Rhonda 4153 Professional Counselor
Dalton, Brenda 4677 Executive Dean, Student and Enrollment Services
Danforth, Meridith 4823 Specialist V
Darrouzet, Anne 4966 Senior Academic Advisor
Davis, Al 4616 Academic Advisor II
de la Vega, Victor 4798 Painter III
Deason, Michael 4670 Director, Information Technology
Dee, Richard 4625 PC Technician II
Deibert, Andrew 4703 Service-Learning Coordinator
Denn, Aaron 4132 College Police Officer
Dennehy, Michael 4607 Associate Vice President of Planning and Research
Douglas, Resi 4146 Administrative Assistant to Instructional Dean II
Downey, Ralph 4180 Lab Coordinator, Automotive Technology
Drescher, Nita 4773 Faculty, Developmental Reading
Dudlo, Edward (Jim) 4240 Faculty, History
Dunafan, David 7868 Faculty, Emergency Medical Services
Dye, Justin 4798 Facilities Maintenance Assistant
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Name Ext. Title
Ealy, Darren 4368 Network Services Manager II
Edrich, Terri 4825 Executive Director, Human Resources
Edwards, Janell 4660 Faculty, Developmental Reading
Egbujor, Paschal 4361 International Student Specialist II
Ehrich, Lisa 4733 Faculty, Art
Error, Darise 4244 Faculty, Theater
Estrella, Manny 4822 Senior Information Systems Manager
Ethington, Vikki 4132 Corporal
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Name Ext. Title
Fajardo, Efrain 4795 Sr. HVAC Technician
Farley, Angela 4793 Shipping & Receeiving, Inventory Clerk III
Ferguson, Sarah 4854 Executive Dean, Educational Resources
Finch, Cheri 4521 Police Communications Supervisor
Fisher, Catherine 4948 Sr. Coordinator, Science Learning Lab - Chemistry
Fite, David 4523 Police Communications Supervisor
Flint, Juanita Zapata 4694 Executive Dean
Florendo, Edeleu 4690 Program Services Coordinator
Flores, John 4877 Librarian III
Freeman, Michael 4307 Faculty, Criminal Justice
Frizzell, Sherri 4688 Testing Assistant
Fuentes, Rosa 4705 Assistant Registrar
Fuller, Averil 4728 Accountant II
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Name Ext. Title
Gallegos, Tommy 4799 Director of Facilities
Galvan, M. Gail 4162 Administrative Assistant to the Instructional Dean
Galvez, Gabriel 4302 Captain
Gamble, Melanie 4269 Director, BCGI
Gamble, Natalie 4704 Admissions Specialist
Gamblin-Bullock, Melody 4548 Faculty, Music
Garcia, Jose 4798 Facilities Maintenance Services Assistant
Garcia, Jose G. 4204 PC Support Specialist I
Garcia, Rebecca 4828 Faculty, Spanish
Garrison, Beverly 4190 Administrative Assistant I
Garza, Michael 4149 Faculty, Psychology
Gattis, John 4180 Senior Equipment/Toolroom Coordinator, Automotive Technology
Gilliam, Sheila 4727 Faculty, Nursing
Gill-King, Harrell 4765 Faculty, Biology/Anthropology
Givens, Suporchea 4290 Police Communications Operator I
Gonzalez, Ricardo 4844 Faculty, English
Govea, Sam 4216 Executive Dean
Graifemberg, Sarah 4247 Program Development Specialist
Green, Diedra 4792 Faculty, Nursing
Guerra, Melody 4320 Accounting Clerk C
Guidry, Paula 4693 Coordinator, Science Learning Lab - Biology
Guinn, Sonja 4387 Facilities Support Services Assistant II
Gutierrez, Marisa 4228 Financial Aid Program Coordinator
Gutierrez, Octavio 4720 Faculty, Music
Guzman, Jesus 4132 College Police Officer
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Name Ext. Title
Hafey, Charles 4766 Coordinator, Science Learning Lab-Physics
Hagele, George 4622 Technical Theater Specialist II
Hageman, Laura 4359 Department Assistant IV
Hammerschlag, Bill 4882 Faculty, Computer Information Technology
Hanson, Margaret 4759 Instructional Support Associate, Mathematics
Hanus, Debbie 4764 Faculty, Mathematics
Hatcher, Kimberly 4521 Police Communications Operator II
Hawkins, Joel 4568 Clinical Coordinator
Hawkins, Vernon 4221 Associate Vice President, Workforce and Continuing Education
Hayaud-Din, Ahad 4137 Faculty, Government
Hearne, Timothy 4798 Plumber II
Herd, Stephen 4184 Faculty, Automotive Technology
Hernandez, Greg 4125 Faculty, Physical Education
Herring, George T. 4634 Vice President, Business Services
Herring, Gus 4164 Faculty, Economics
Hertz, Rebecca 4827 Administrative Assistant
Hickman, Kellie 4852 Specialist IV
Hill, Napoleon 4141 Lieutenant, College Police
Hill, Scarlett 4618 Faculty, English
Hobbs, Tracey 4661 Visiting Scholar, Nursing
Hodges, Carol 4177 Academic Advisor I
Hodges, Garry 4248 Building Operations Supervisor
Honea, Bobby 4205 Master Electrician
Hopkins, Jason 4246 Volleyball Coach
Howell, Amber 4819 Accounting Clerk C
Huang, Grace 4748 Department Assistant IV
Hughes, Barbara 4600 Department Assistant III
Huntsberger, Barbara 4145 Administrative Assistant to the Instructional Dean
Hurst, Kevin 4838 College Athletic Program Coordinator
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Name Ext. Title
Imaican, Raymond 4325 Senior Web Developer/Programmer
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Name Ext. Title
Jackson, Mary 4761 Faculty, Mathematics
Jackson, Sharon 4760 Faculty, Mathematics
Jacobs, Greg 4133 Faculty, Sociology
Jameison, Monique 4674 Senior Veteran's Affairs Coordinator
Jea, Hui Ju 4908 Faculty, Chinese
Jenkins, Jamie 4651 Coordinator, Continuing Education & Workforce Development
Johnson, Damon 7841 Faculty, Emergency Medical Services
Johnson, Douglas 4290 Police Communications Operator II
Johnson, Earl 4132 College Police Officer
Johnson, Marvin 4183 Faculty, Automotive Technology
Johnson, Sheniqua 4369 Lead Cashier
Johnson, Tim 4352 Department Assistant II
Johnson-Cattell, Brianna 4742 Social Media Marketing Director
Jones, Ann 4253/4502 Department Assistant III
Jones, Donald 4105 Faculty, Automotive Technology
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Name Ext. Title
Kaplan, Jean 4241 College Director, School Alliance and Institutional Outreach
Karsteadt, Carol 4759 Instructional Support Associate, Math
Kasparian, Glenn 4755 Faculty, Biology
Kawanishi, Kevin 4376 Instructional Specialist I
Kelley, Crista 4798 Senior Administrative Assistant
Kelley, Mildred 4195 College Nurse II
Kellum, Wes 4623 Department Assistant II
Kim, Jin 4841 IT Support Services Clerk II
King, James 4388 PC Support Specialist I
Klingensmith, Blanca 4327 Sr. Manager, Media and Production Services
Klingensmith, John 4191 Chief
Klocko, Marilyn 4975 Faculty, Nursing
Knickel, Rebecca 4167 Faculty, Accounting
Korov, Erwin 4883 Admissions and Records Assistant
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Name Ext. Title
Lackey, Toby 4567 Instructional Specialist I
Lancaster, Shirley 4192 Specialist III
Landa, Argie 4697 Specialist IV
Lang-Overall, Rosalind 4198 Coordinator, Instructional Learning Lab
Lau, Lai Ping 4613 Assistant Director, International Student Services
Lee, Woojin 4925 Visiting Scholar Chemistry
Leung, Ben 4795 HVAC Apprentice
Levesque, Lynne 4121 College Director, Athletics & Recreational Programming
Li, Fengming "Fanny" 4387 Facilities Support Services Assistant II
Liles, Misti 4255 Human Resources Specialist IV
Link, Stephen 4139 Faculty, Psychology
Little, Robert 4135 Faculty, Government
Lloyd, Pam 4701 Administrative Assistant
Locke, Brian 4132 College Police Officer
Long, Kathleen 4156 Faculty, Mathematics
Lopez, Jose 4795 Sr. HVAC Technician
Lopez, Mark 4152 Lieutenant
Lopez, Oscar M. 4837 Vice President, Enrollment Management & Student Success
Lopez, Sarah 4730 Administrative Assistant to Instructional Dean
Love, Edna 4806 Senior Administrative Assistant
Lowery, Sherry 4354 Faculty, Computer Information Technology
Lynch, Marilyn Kolesar 4181 Associate Vice President, Development
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Name Ext. Title
Macellaio, Natalie 4722 Faculty, Art
Maddox, Dennis 7848 Administrative Assistant II
Magdaleno, Maribel 4837 Senior Administrative Assistant
Malone, Randy 4539 Senior Coordinator, Science Learning Lab
Malvik, Christopher 7889 Faculty, Emergency Medical Services
Mannering, Monique 4820 Faculty, Developmental Reading
Manshadi, Vargha 4831 Academic Advisor II
Martin, Chris 4640 PC Support Specialist I
Martin, Deanie 4817 Director, Business Office
Martin, Valerie 4264 Faculty, Radiologic Sciences
Martinez, Irma 4555 Administrative Assistant to the Instructional Dean
Martinez, Jose 4205 Electrician Apprentice
Martinez, Mason 4155 Shipping & Receiving, Inventory Clerk
Mason, Peggy 4148 Faculty, Biology
Maxwell, Rick 4730 Executive Dean
Mayo, Andrea 4132 College Police Officer
McCarthy, Dominica 4689 Director of Career Services
McCarty, Sunnie 4333 Cashier
McClung, Brian 4263 Faculty, ESOL and Italian
McClure, David 4843 Academic Advisor II
McCoy, Clarice 4166 Faculty, Accounting
McDaniel, Narvia 4175 Department Assistant IV, Automotive Technology
McKnight, Gary 4688 Manager, Testing Center
McNabb, David 4621 Faculty, Automotive Technology
McNamara, Joe 4860 Classroom Technology Specialist
Meersman, Key 4740 Faculty, Dance
Mehling, Betty 4878 Faculty, History
Mendel, Beth 4936 Faculty, Nursing
Meyer, Mark 4546 Dean, Health Occupations/Nursing
Miller, Cheryl 4392 Faculty, Geographic Information Systems/Visiting Scholar
Milligan, Mary 4234 Faculty, Computer Information Technology
Mills, Cynthia 4734 Faculty, Art
Miranda, Jorge 4795 HVAC Technician
Mollet, Susan 4138 Instructional Associate, Art
Monroy, Vanessa 4290 Police Communications Operator I
Montes, Jackie 4326 Classroom Technology Specialist
Moore, Mike 4856 Faculty, History
Moyé Reed, Marilyn 4636 Department Assistant III
Mulat, Roman 4353 Accountant II
Munnerlyn, Gundi 4809 Administrative Assistant II, President's Office
Munnerlyn, Quinn 4172 PC Support Specialist I
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Name Ext. Title
Nair, Nimmy 4768 Faculty, English
Nation, Jackie 4798 Carpenter III
Naugher, Mark 4834 Assistant Director of Academic Advising
Neal, Leslie 4790 Faculty, ESOL
Neu Menassa, Beverly 4339 Assistant Dean, Student Support Services
Newman, David 4101 Gallery Coordinator
Nguyen, Michelle 4842 Academic Advisor
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Name Ext. Title
Ogden, Samuel 4750 Faculty, Biology
Owens, Larry 4351 Instructional Associate
Oyedepo, Gbenga 4767 Faculty, Chemistry
Ozuna, Arturo 4161 Director III
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Name Ext. Title
Paris, Dennis 4969 Faculty, Education
París, Kevin 4745 Faculty, ESOL
Park, Minjung 4328 Faculty/Lab Manager ESOL
Perez, Julie 4686 Faculty, Speech
Perez, Tam 4237 Department Assistant II
Personett, Rebecca 4575 Faculty, Nursing
Polite, Giraud 4215 Faculty, Visual Communications
Polk, Kent 4633 Faculty, Speech
Poole, Sharon 4782 Administrative Assistant I
Prado, Rosario 4662 Administrative Assistant to the Instructional Dean
Price, Chad 4830 Academic Advisor II
Price, Vincent 4601 Assistant Director, Energy Management Services
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Name Ext. Title
Quillen, James 4188 IT Manager II
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Name Ext. Title
Ragsdale, Mary 4120 Administrative Assistant to Instructional Dean
Rains, Brandon 4655 Baseball Coach
Rangnekar, Nehal 4266 Faculty, Medical Front Office
Ra'oof, Jameelah 4160 Faculty, Computer Information Technology
Reeves, Ricky 4676 Faculty, Humanities
Reinke, Susan 4713 Faculty, Geology
Reyes, Czarina 4338 Faculty, Mathematics
Reyna, Linda 4196 Rehabilitation Specialist
Rhodes, Daniel 4816 AP Specialist
Rife, Greg 4283 Coordinator, Outreach and Recruitment
Riley, Margaret 4875 Coordinator, Instructional Learning Lab
Robinson-Taylor, Donna 4881 Sr. Coordinator, Science Learning Lab-Biology
Rodrigue, Daniel 4747 Faculty, Journalism
Rodriguez, Bernadette 4147 Faculty, Child Development and Education
Rodriguez, Joe 4798 Carpenter II
Roffino, Brian 4336 Faculty, English and Developmental Writing
Roffino, Marianne 4103 Sr. Executive Assistant
Ross, Jennifer 4275 Faculty, Government
Rousey, Doris 4652 Executive Dean of Educational Partnerships
Rowe, Jane (Elizabeth) 4144 Faculty, Education
Ruelas, Susana 7846 Team Leader
Ruiz (Gonzalez), Ivan 4814 Assistant Accountant
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Name Ext. Title
Saar, Kristina 4374 Marketing and Advertising Coordinator
Sakach, Carole 4814 Administrative Assistant
Saleemi, Asmara 4372 Faculty, Government
Salmeron, Mai Tuyetmai 4708 Associate Registrar
Salmeron, Samuel 4795 HVAC Apprentice
Sanchez, Fil 4903 PC Technician I
Sanders, Joe 4706 Associate Registrar
Schweitzer, Carrie 4848 Assistant to the President III
Scott, James 4290 Police Communications Operator I
Scott, Jerrod 4826 Faculty, Philosophy
Scott, Ladan 4679 Faculty, Mathematics
Self, Charles 4741 Technical Theater Specialist II
Sepehri, Bella 4867 Circulation Supervisor, Library
Shelp, Phillip 4756 Faculty, Biology
Shupe, Brenda 4879 Faculty, Nursing
Sickles, Janet 7869 Instructional Lab Coordinator
Sickles, Jason 4943 Shipping & Receiving Inventory IV
Sidhwa, Anahita 4653 Faculty, Physics
Sigsbee, Bill 4360 Faculty, Psychology
Simmons, Russell 4284 Faculty, Mathematics
Sinclair, Cameron 4380 Faculty, History
Sires, Scott 4362 Faculty, Geographic Information Systems
Sisk, Grant 4788 Associate Instructional Dean, World Languages
Skorick, J. Mark 4386 Faculty, Government
Smith, Bob 4169 Coordinator, Instructional Learning Lab
Smith, Donald 4808 Vice President of Academic Affairs
Smith, Wes 4735 Instructional Specialist I
Smithart, Tim 4829 Senior Academic Advisor
Snyder, Jimmy 4132 College Police Officer
Solomon, Ellen 4743 Administrative Assistant to Instructional Dean II
Spencer, Andrew 4305 PC Support Specialist/Network
Stadthagen, Alex 7860 Director, Emergency Medical Services
Stearman, Julie 4367 Continuing Education & Workforce Specialist
Stewart, Yolanda 4750 Administrative Assistant to the Instructional Dean
Stone, Christie 4316 Media Circulation Assistant
Stroman, Jamileh 4821 Faculty, ESOL
Suber, Shani 4958 Faculty, Developmental Writing
Summers, Nancy 4754 Administrative Assistant to the Instructional Dean II
Szabo, Barbara 4190 Senior Administrative Assistant
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Name Ext. Title
Tarell, Jon 4847 Senior Veteran Affairs Coordinator
Taylor, Don 4732 Faculty, Art
Taylor, Rod 4861 Classroom Technology Specialist
Taylor, Takisha 4290 Police Communications Operator II
Thakkar, Vinny 4795 HVAC Technician I
Thaxton, Simone 4645 Faculty, Biology
Thomas, Brad 4650 Assistant Director of Academic Advising
Thomas, Philip 4168 Faculty, Accounting
Thompson, Edleeca 4236 Faculty, Humanities
Todd, Catherine 4811 Sr. Research Analyst
Todwong, James 4132 College Police Officer
Topper, Matson 4102 Faculty, Music
Tow, John-Paul 4671 Specialist I
Trubisky, Michael 4585 Assistant Director Facilities Maintenance Services
Truong, Ngoc 4182 Instructional Designer, Development
Tuman, Rick 4678 Coordinator, Continuing Education & Workforce Development
Tunwar, Jonathan 4117 Student Program Development Coordinator
Turner, Artie 4859 Electronic Technician II
Turner, Eudocia 4304 College Purchasing Coordinator
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Name Ext. Title
Umphries, Shellie 4800 Admissions Specialist
Uroda, Benedict 4871 Faculty, Government
Utley, Benny 4322 Lieutenant
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Name Ext. Title
Vaglienti, Kendra 4332 Executive Dean
Valdez, Melissa 4813 Assistant Director, Human Resources II
Valdez, Oscar 4795 HVAC Technician II
Van Court, Sheri 4683 Faculty, ESOL
Vaquera-Constantive, Suzette 4961 Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator
Vargas, Cheryl Dyer 4381 Faculty, Speech
Vasquez, Jaime 4692 PC Technician I
Vazquez, Monica 4271 Administrative Assistant
Venza, Stephanie 4776 Faculty, English
Verdell, Vernella 4557 International Student Specialist
Villarreal, Eduardo (Eddie) 4205 Facilities Maintenance Assistant
Villarreal, Ramiro 4176 Faculty, Computer Science
Vitovsky, Margaret 4383 Coordinator, Testing
Vo, Thoa Hoang 4604 Director, Admissions/Registrar
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Name Ext. Title
Wagenseil, Lois 4818 Librarian III
Waggoner, Vince 4106 College Rising Star Program Coordinator
Wagle, Dawn 4344 Assistant Director, Business Office
Wall, Tarrilynn 4746 Instructional Specialist I
Walthall, Brandy 4314 Circulation Assistant I
Warnberg, Charles 4954 Faculty, Developmental Writing
Watson, Kate 4839 Sr. Career Planning Specialist
Watson, Sharon 4257 Faculty, Radiologic Sciences
Wells, Stephanie 4649 Faculty, Radiologic Sciences
Welsh, Don 4752 Sr. Coordinator, Science Learning Lab-Chemistry
Wenthold, Monica 4870 Senior Administrative Assistant
Whaley-Stephenson, DeBorah 4807 Senior Adult Students Advisor
White, Susan 4762 Sr. Coordinator, Science Learning Lab, Geology
Whitley, Debi 4809 Administrative Assistant II, President's Office
Whitten, Matthew 4233 Faculty, Automotive Technology
Williams, John 4131 Faculty, Psychology
Williams, Karie 4170 Faculty, Visual Comm., Business Studies/Visiting Scholar
Williams, Oslynn 4864 Graphic Designer II
Williams, Tim 4268 Graphic Designer II
Wilson, Gale 4174 Instructional Specialist I
Wilson, Stephanie 4815 Purchasing Transaction Specialist
Wilson, Vallon 4290 Police Communications Operator II
Wise, Sylvia 4851 Coordinator of Alumni and Donor Relations
Wyche, Sandy 4282 Executive Dean, Business Studies
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Name Ext. Title
Zandvliet, Inske 4185 Faculty, Economics
Ziegler, Marla 4872 Faculty, Art