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Effective Summer 2020, Dallas County Community College District became Dallas College. The seven colleges of DCCCD are now one college under the new college name.

The new college now has one main catalog website but includes seven campus filters that allow you to sort the catalog to view which degrees, certificates or courses are offered on each campus.

The catalog is published annually but is modified periodically throughout the five-year-shelf life of a catalog. Catalogs are classified as Current, Active or Historic.

Summer 2020 - Forward: There is one catalog with seven filters.

Fall 2002 - Spring 2020: In Fall 2002, the online catalog became the official catalog of the colleges although a print catalog was still published until Summer 2006. There was one combined catalog and seven individual college catalogs.

Fall 1966 - Summer 2002: Print catalog was the official catalog of the colleges.

Contact campus registrars regarding previous course work taken at Dallas College or taken at any previously known colleges of Dallas County Community College District.


Year Online Printed (PDF) Notes
Catalog Catalog  Current Catalog - New system  
2023-2024 Catalog  Active Catalog  
2022-2023 Catalog  Active Catalog  
2021-2022 Catalog  Active Catalog  
2020-2021 Catalog  Active Catalog  
Year Online Printed (PDF) Notes
2019-2020 Catalog   
2018-2019 Catalog   
2017-2018 Catalog   
2016-2017 Catalog   
2015-2016 Catalog   
2014-2015 Catalog   
2013-2014 Catalog   
2012-2013 Catalog   
2011-2012 Catalog   
2010-2011 Catalog   
Year Online Printed (PDF) Notes
2009-2010 Catalog   
2008-2009 Catalog   
2007-2008 Catalog  (Two-year catalog 2006-2008)  
2006-2007 Catalog  (Two-year catalog 2006-2008)  
2005-2006 Catalog  Catalog (30.6 MB)
(Two-year catalog 2004-2006)  
2004-2005 Catalog  Catalog (30.6 MB)
(Two-year catalog 2004-2006)  
2003-2004 Catalog  Catalog (28.5 MB)
2002-2003 Catalog  (First year for a web-based online version of the catalog)  
2001-2002   Catalog (25.5 MB)
2000-2001   Catalog (24.5 MB)
Year Online Printed (PDF) Notes
1999-2000   Catalog (20.3 MB)
(WECM catalog contains Program and Course listings for this year.)  
1998-1999   Catalog (23.5 MB)
1997-1998   Catalog (23.6 MB)
1996-1997   Catalog (22.5 MB)
1995-1996   Catalog (21.4 MB)
(Crosswalk of New to Old Courses)  
1994-1995   Catalog (19.8 MB)
1993-1994   Catalog (19.0 MB)
1992-1993   Catalog (18.0 MB)
1991-1992   Catalog (17.5 MB)
1990-1991   Catalog (17.1 MB)
Year Online Printed (PDF) Notes
1989-1990   Catalog (17.0 MB)
1988-1989   Catalog (15.3 MB)
1987-1988   Catalog (15.6 MB)
1986-1987   Catalog (15.7 MB)
1985-1986   Catalog (16.2 MB)
1984-1985   Catalog (18.4 MB)
1983-1984   Catalog (17.8 MB)
(CVC and combined catalogs were two-year catalogs for 1982-1984)  
1982-1983   Catalog (17.8 MB)
(CVC and combined catalogs were two-year catalogs for 1982-1984)  
1981-1982   Catalog (17.5 MB)
(This was the first year the Dallas County Community Colleges's printed catalog was produced.) 

Comprehensive collection of historical printed catalogs